The Swimjet incorporates a powerful 3 horse power pump with a single Swimjet nozzle. This is fantastic to swim against or just to use the proven benefits of hydrotherapy water jets. A Swimjet will allow you to do endless amounts of swimming regardless of the length of your pool.

The Swimjet kit comprises of:

  • SwimjetA powerful 3HP pump which would be housed in your plant room.
  • 2 suction grills which extract the water from the pool. These would be positioned either side of the jet nozzle.
  • A single jet ball nozzle that provides a powerful stream of water back into the pool. This would be positioned at the length end to provide the maximum swimming distance.
  • The adjustable nozzle enables you to position the water flow to a position comfortable to you.
  • An air bellow switch which would be positioned above the water level on the pool wall enabling you to switch the Swimjet on and off whilst in the swimming pool.

The Swimjet kit is supplied for self installation and includes full fittings instructions.

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