About Us

Founded in 1976, Bakewell Pools is a family run business that specialises in the supply of superior one-piece fibreglass swimming pools throughout the UK and Channel Islands. Bakewell Pools can advise on and supply any other equipment that may be required for a swimming pool project, such as heating, pool covers, air handling and dehumidification equipment for indoor pools etc.

The company was started by Bob Bakewell.  Bob has had a long history in the swimming pool business and started out as a pool installer for concrete, liner and fibreglass pools so has had hands on experience in dealing with all kinds of pool installations.  During his installation days Bob twice won the coveted SPATA Gold Award for the best swimming pool installation in the UK. Prior to swimming pools, Bob was a heating engineer so his background has provided him with considerable knowledge regarding the plumbing and heating elements of installations.

Bob has now hung up his bathing trunks and is enjoying a well earned retirement.  Over the years he shared his wealth of knowledge with his daughter Polly Blay who has been working alongside Bob since 2007.  Polly has now taken over the running of the business.

Since the early nineties, Bakewell Pools chose to specialise in the supply of fibreglass swimming pools for a number of reasons. Foremost was Bob’s belief in the concept of this type of pool. Prior to the arrival of fibreglass pools, having a garden pool meant a concrete or liner pool which is no small project. Both these style pools generally require the expertise of a professional pool installer which of course comes at a price!

During the early nineties when DIY was beginning to take off, Bob established links with Europe’s first fibreglass pool manufacturer. Bakewell Pools is now the UK distributor for Mon de Pra; Europe’s largest fibreglass swimming pool manufacturer.

Using these quality fibreglass one-piece pools and our wealth of knowledge and experience, Bakewell Pools has put together a package aimed directly at the DIY and general builder market. This makes having your own swimming pool easier than you think and will cost a fraction of what a traditional concrete or liner pool would cost.

Bakewell Pools runs its business from the family home which means overhead costs are kept to a inimum ensuring prices can be kept competitive.

The other main benefit of running the business from home is that customers are able to contact us during evenings and weekends which is often the most convenient time to them.

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