Included in the Price

Our pools come complete with the skimmer outlet (1 or 2), water inlets and outlets and underwater light outlet already cut and glassed in ready for you to fit the skimmer, light and pipes.

Our pool prices include the filtration equipment and maintenance kit.  This comprises of an OC1 filter; OC1 is a revolutionary new filter media which will reduce backwashing frequency and water consumption.  A 0.75hp circulation pump is included along with a maintenance kit consisting of a vac hose, pole and net, leaf net, wall brush and test kit.

OC1 information –…/oc-1brochure-56530.pdf

The price includes VAT and delivery to Dover.  For an additional cost we will deliver direct to your home.

Let us know your preferred model and we can provide a quotation that will include all the other items you may want to consider for your pool such as a cover, heating source, disinfection equipment etc.


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