Plant Room Equipment

All our pools include the filtration equipment within the price.  This comprises of a Certikin 0.75hp circulation pump and 20″ OC-1 filter.

Certikin’s revolutionary new OC-1 media will save you energy and water.  OC-1 is not a traditional filter media that relies on trapping dirt between particles, OC-1 works by reducing the velocity of the dirt passing through the bed until it settles out in a quiet void. This difference in the way it works means it will behave differently to what you might be used to with an old-fashioned filter.

Save Water – The pressure will not rise with OC-1 no matter how much debris is in the filter. Therefore, backwashing should be done on a time basis. For a normally used domestic pool this would mean approx. once every month instead of every week, saving water and time.

Save Energy – OC-1 has less resistance than traditional filter medias, so it should be possible to use a smaller pump or reduce the speed with a variable speed pump and maintain the same flow that you would through a traditional media (this is dependent on existing restrictions through your pipework). This will save you electricity and money. For example, if you can reduce the speed of the pump by 20% this will equate to an electrical saving of 48.8% (using the pump affinity law).

Oc 1

To help you get up and running we also include a maintenance kit with all our pools.  This comprises of a vac hose and telescopic pole, a vac head, leaf net, wall brush and test kit.

We can provide all the other equipment you may want for your swimming pool such as covers, disinfection systems and heating appliances.  There are many options available so we are happy to give advice on this.


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