Pool Covers

Swimming pool covers have come into increasing use over the past 5 years in an effort to save heating energy costs, water evaporation, swimming pool maintenance and most recently the safety of children. There are a number of options available to you when choosing a cover for your pool. Depending on whether you have an indoor or outdoor pool and what budget you have will help determine your choice.

Solar cover for outdoor pools

Solar pool covers harness the energy of the sun to raise the temperature of your pool water. In some circumstances the temperature gain can be more than 10 degrees which in some cases can extend your swimming season by up to six weeks.

In addition, covering the surface of the water will reduce the evaporation by up to 90%, which will reduce your heating and chemical expenditure.

Swimming Pool Heat Retention Covers otherwise known as Heat Blankets, have become extremely popular over the past few years especially in domestic indoor pools in an effort to save heating energy costs and water through evaporation.

Heat Blankets are much more suitable for indoor pools as opposed to outdoor pools as unlike Solar Bubble Covers, their main function is to retain heat and not to harness the energy from the sun to heat the pool.

They are a fantastic and very economical cover to use as they can retain up to almost 89% of heat loss, which will dramatically cut heating and chemical expenditure.

Slatted Covers

Profiled, top quality, PVC slats float on the surface of your pool providing excellent heat retention properties. This is a computerised system that is programmed to stop in exactly the right place every time at the press of a button.

Mdp 900 With Case

Safety Covers

Remove the key and your pool is locked. No unauthorised access is possible, giving you a sealed pool and peace of mind. The reinforced fabric is secured by aluminum tracks and is sized to lie on the water allowing it to take the weight of several people. This cover is driven by a hydraulic system, not electricity and is suitable for any shape or style of swimming pool. Debris in the pool is minimised and no winter debris cover required.


Winter Debris Covers

When closing a pool down for winter, covering with a winter debris cover will ensure the pool stays clear of garden debris and wildlife. This makes spring/summer opening an easier task.

Cover Rollers

A pool cover roller is ideal to use with a solar cover or insulation blanket. It keeps the cover in a tidy roll when not being used, it also enables one person to remove and replace the cover.

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