Ceramic Pools

Bakewell Pools has a range of Ceramic pools offering a choice of 9 innovative colours . These one-piece pools incorporate a reinforced fibreglass shell along with specific ceramic and vinyl components and are finished off with three layers of 3-dimentional gelcoat to provide a sparkling and luxurious finish.

The collection of Ceramic de Luxe pools is offered in a range of elegant colours inspired by precious stones, full of nuances to capture your attention. The perfect combination between luxury and practicality.

Our full Ceramic range can be viewed on our ‘Models and Prices‘ page, just select the ‘Ceramic’ option on the filter.

Ceramic Colour Range
Altair Topaz 3
Estela Adularia
Topaz 4
Altair 10 in TurmalineNashira 9 in Onyx
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