You will need to consider how you plan to heat your pool as there are a number of options available. A consideration should be given to the ongoing running costs as well as the initial purchase price. For example an electric heater has a cheap purchase cost, however the running costs are high. Becoming more popular nowadays for environmental reasons as well as efficiency are heat pumps; both seasonal and all year round models are available.

Heat Exchanger

If your pool is situated close enough to your house and your house boiler has adequate capacity you may consider using this as your heat source. If your pool is an outdoor pool, spring and summer time tends to be the seasons when you will use it most and this fortunately tends to be the time when your house boiler is under-utilized. For this method of heating you will require a heat exchanger which is a relatively small investment.


Dedicated Gas or Oil Boiler

Another method of heating your pool could be via a dedicated swimming pool oil or gas heater. This would be housed in your plant room along with the filtration equipment.

Electric Heater

As a dedicated heat source, this is really only an option if you have a pool smaller than 6 metres and will not be demanding above average temperatures as running costs can be high.

An option is to use these as a secondary source of heat, for instance as a back-up to your solar heating.

Heat Pumps

Most people are now aware of the detrimental affects of CO² produced by burning fossil fuels has on our environment and the need to seriously consider climate friendly alternatives.

Air-to-water heat pumps have successfully been providing efficient pool water heating for many years. This equipment absorbs energy from the external air, which is considerably upgraded and transferred to the Low Pressure Hot Water circuit using efficient heat pump technology. This method of heating is welcomed by Planning Authorities now insisting on ‘renewable energy’ heating systems. There are all year round as well as seasonal models available making this option viable for indoor and outdoor pools.

Solar Heating

Solar heating is an option for swimming pool heating and is economic and effective. Unlike any other method of heating, the energy source is free and friendly to the environment. Solar panels can collect heat on bright overcast days – not just on the sunny days when their performance is of course at its best. During the average UK summer, solar panels can typically heat a pool from the middle of May until late September, achieving average temperatures in the mid to high 20’s°c.

For almost any pool, solar heating is a sound investment. The capital cost is recovered against fuel savings, making for a highly cost effective solution to pool heating. It is generally straight forward to install and does not interfere with the operation of other pool equipment. Your pool size will determine how many solar panels will be required.

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