Why Choose a Fibreglass Pool?

When thinking of fibreglass think of boats and yachts and you will appreciate the sheer strength that this material is capable of.

Our fibreglass pools are constructed from a one-piece fibreglass shell. During manufacture, steel reinforcing bars and perimeter buttresses are encased within the shell to ensure maximum strength.  Please bear in mind when researching fibreglass pools that not all manufactures do this which is why those models will need to be surrounded and supported by concrete.

Fibreglass construction results in a smooth gel-coated free flowing surface with no joins or seams to leak or hide unwanted bacteria. Cleaning is easy and low maintenance. The reinforced fibreglass shell carries a 10 year water tightness guarantee and its ease of installation, fantastic looks and range of shapes & sizes makes it an ideal choice for DIY or builder assisted installation.

Our range of Ceramic pools are constructed using the same strengthening materials and processes and are finished off using 3-dimentional resins to give the depth of colour and superior finish. The Ceramic range include an enhanced warranty of 30 years water tightness guarantee.

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View the Manufacturing Facility

Click on the link to view the manufacturing process of the fibreglass pools.


We have over 70 different models within our range varying from 4.50 metres up to 12 metres. A selection of different shapes, sizes and colours, varying from kikney to rectangular, with most models including internal steps for access and social areas ensures that you will find a model that fits your requirements.  To compliment our range of fibreglass pools we now offer a range of Ceramic pools which are finished off with three layers of 3-dimentional gelcoat to provide a sparkling and luxurious finish

Quick and Easy Installation

A major benefit of the one-piece fibreglass swimming pools is the simplicity of the installation. This not only means that a keen DIYer or builder with no previous pool experience can install the pool, it also means that the pool can be ready for swimming in within a matter of weeks. We have even seen pools completed within the week!

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Help make your installation project quicker and easier, the fibreglass shells already have the wide surface skimmer, adjustable return inlets and light pre-molded into the fibreglass during the production process. The skimmer and return inlets are at opposite ends to ensure quality filtration.

Our pools are equally suited to indoor or outdoor environments. You may choose to locate your pool fully out of the ground with perhaps decking, brick or PVC cladding or let it into the ground to fit within your garden environment with paving stones or grass surround.

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